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Day 534 - snow

Monday, 13 February 2012

Had any snow 'round your way? The weekend before last we had loads and it sent me into quite a flap (I know I'm not the only person who experienced snow the weekend before last, but I can get in a panic given the opportunity).

The garden was the first thing to make me anxious, as my large trees and shrubs were so laden down I thought they might break, and my box balls looked like there were about to collapse. Yes, it was quite pretty to look at but, as every gardener knows, plant welfare comes before many things. So, out I ventured to brush as much snow as possible off the plants with a broom. Here I am in action:

See, didn't we have a lot – just look at it all on the table! Luckily the bulk of the snow was easy to brush off, although it was a bit unpleasant when bits fell between my hat and jumper onto my neck (I'm not really a cold weather kind of guy). I realised I hate snow.

I then inspected things close to the house – the pond looked hilarious (see our cat diced with death a took a turn across the ice) and the containers I'd been carefully nurturing for BBC Gardeners' World Magazine were so covered that I couldn't even work out where they were.

The 'missing' containers sent me into a complete dither as the lovely Sarah Cuttle is returning to photograph them in the spring and I was worried they'd be ruined in some way. What was the best thing to do? Dig them out or leave them exactly as they were and hope for the best? I decided to leave them, thinking it was best not to fiddle. But then after a couple of days the worry got to me (it was like an evil pest boring away in my brain) and I tried to find them. They were okayish, although I don't have high hopes for the winter-flowering pansies. And all because of the bloody snow. I'm sure they'll turn out okay in the end, but I'd rather not of had the worry.

We tried to coax Ida outside, but she didn't really enjoy herself (she's not her parents' daughter for nothing). She got cross when her gloves got wet and tried to dive inside at the earliest opportunity. We managed to take a handful of photographs before her patience ran out. It seems Ida also hates snow.

The horror continued the following day when a milk float got stuck just outside our house and I had to help give him a push with some other random chaps (grrrrr, how macho). The milkman swore a great deal. It seems the milkman also hates snow.

Gemma had to drive to work (her school was one of the few open ones) and got in a terrible state moving the car. She ending up almost crying, got out in panic and left me to gingerly move it to the end of the road. It seems Gemma also hates snow.

We did buy Ida a sledge, and she seemed to enjoy the experience more than walking in the snow (in fact, she refused to walk). Perhaps she's going to have a taste for chauffer-driven vehicles with en-suite facilities.

So, here we are more than a week later. There's still snow on the ground outside our house, I've yet to be brave enough to take my 1986 Fiesta on the road and I'm terrified I'm going to slip on a lethal bit of black ice. If I've said it once, I'll say it again – I hate snow.

Until next time...

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