gardening and the media, sorted

Writing a summary of your career is a tricky business, but here are the important bits with the most recent first.

Now Take a tour around this site and you'll notice that I'm quite keen on gardening and the media. I write, edit, commission and speak all things gardening while caring for Ida, my beautiful baby daughter. The freelance, stay-at-home life is good - I've got a lovely, talented wife called Gemma (she's a teacher), a groovy daughter, a handsome black cat called Sid and two clown fish called Rosanne and David. And my garden's at my fingertips - what more could a man want?

October 2005 - August 2010 The BBC Gardeners' World years. I was the magazine's Commissioning Editor, working with the biggest and best in the business. I loved every second.

July 2004 - October 2005 This period marked the first time I ventured into the freelance world. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and contributed regularly to The Garden, BBC Gardeners' World Magazine, Garden Answers, Homes and Gardens, Gardens Monthly, Tesco Magazine and Ergo.

March 2003 - July 2004 The is the only time I've strayed from gardening. I was the Deputy Editor of Build It, a glossy monthly aimed at the self-build and home renovation market. I wasn't too keen on the topic, but attracted by the title. My time didn't do me any harm.

December 2002 - June 2003 I held the rather grand title of Contributing Gardening Editor at Homes and Gardens for this short period.

April 2001 - December 2002 My first graduate job was Staff Writer for Garden Answers. I'll never forget how this title, and it's friendly editorial team, got me hooked on magazine publishing.

May 1995 - January 1996 I mention these years as they are very important. I spent them as a trolley boy at my local garden centre and they caused my love affair with plants and gardens.